Construction financing includes a wide variety of business needs – and Blackstone Financial is here to help you with all of them. You might need to conduct ground-up construction of a new storefront or manufacturing facility. Or you might need to do a build-out construction project to modify or add on to an existing structure or conduct leasehold improvements.

Construction financing typically consists of a short-term loan to cover the construction phase of a project. Blackstone Financial can help you with financing products such as one-time close loans that convert automatically to traditional mortgages after the construction term ends, so you don’t have to go through all the loan paperwork more than once. We can provide in-house funding or locate banks to underwrite the construction. We provide assistance in assembling your loan package to increase your chances of getting your loan funded. Blackstone Financial provides you with the comprehensive, professional assistance you need for your business financing needs.

Don’t forget that Blackstone Financial also is familiar with Small Business Administration-assisted business financing, including 504 and 7A loans as well as SBA express loans. If you are a qualifying small business, Blackstone Financial has plenty of experience to help you take advantage of government-assisted financing options to make it easier for you to obtain the business capital you need.

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