Successful businesspeople are great at running their business – but not necessarily great at commercial financing. Commercial property financing is one of the most complex financial transactions a businessperson can enter into. With so many details, and so many financing options available, you need a financial expert who can help you navigate the process. Put simply, you want Blackstone Financial – because we are finance professionals.

When you sit down with a bank, you need to have correct paperwork and realistic expectations. We make sure you know what to expect from the process; make sure your financing package has all the information needed; and match your application up with the specific banks that will be more likely to provide financing.

Blackstone Financial has over a decade of experience in helping customers assemble top-quality financing packages and brokering them to multiple banks to find the best financing rate. Whether you want to obtain purchase financing or refinance an existing business property loan, Blackstone Financial is the partner you need to help you get the commercial financing you need.

Don’t forget that Blackstone Financial also is familiar with Small Business Administration-assisted business financing, including 504 and 7A loans as well as SBA express loans. If you are a qualifying small business, Blackstone Financial has plenty of experience to help you take advantage of government-assisted financing options to make it easier for you to obtain the business capital you need.

To get started, click on the link below to fill out our brief customer questionnaire. This information will help us determine your specific insurance needs so we can find the financing option that’s just right for you.